vendredi 30 janvier 2009

Halo 3 ODST

That's it! I've just finished my work on the Halo 3 ODST cinematics!!! (previously called Recon as you can see on the image)

I had a blast!! It was so cool and exciting working with the folks from Bungie and all my fellow free lance animators. I had the chance to work with Emilio Ghorayeb once again (who was my supervisor/mentor on WET a long time ago...) who is really an awesome guy. I learnt so much during those 5 months that I won't be able to thank Bungie and Emilio enough for this opportunity!
The work we did on those cinematic sequences look pretty damn good so make sure you pick up the game (and write comments if you feel like it!)

I'll post a reel of my work on this project once the game ships sometime during fall 2009.

Thanks (and I hope you enjoy the game!)

// A.

2 commentaires:

djtomservo a dit…

Greetings! were you on site ever? If so, sorry i never got to say hi! Thanks for all the great work you cinematics guys do, always adds that extra level of awesome:)

-=elgrizzly=- a dit…


Unfortunately I was working from home (I heard Bungie's office is a must-see...). Do you work on site at Bungie?
Thanks for the kind comment :)